Top 10 Totally BIZARRE Celebrity Arrests

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Top 10 Totally BIZARRE Celebrity Arrests

These crazy celebrity arrest stories are hard to believe, but totally true! Do you know who was arrested pretending to be a FBI agent? Or how about the story of Shia LaBeouf disrupting a performance of Cabaret (Shia never fails to deliver the crazies)? Ozzy Osbourne is known for biting off the head of a bat, but that wasn’t his craziest arrest! Ironman may have his life somewhat together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Robert Downey Jr. was arrested for breaking and entering back n the 1990s.

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00:47 #10. Rip Torn
01:32 #9. DMX
02:32 #8. Jason London
03:22 #7. Paul Reubens
04:26 #6. Shia LaBeouf
05:21 #5. Randy Travis
06:14 #4. Ozzy Osbourne
07:13 #3, #2 & #1. ?????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Totally BIZARRE Celebrity Arrests

  1. I would have thought that it would be OK to do that in an Adult movie
    theater but then again I’ve never been to one. And Never Will.

  2. I confused Randy Travis for Randy Newman, for some reason. Made things even
    more confusing and awkward for a moment.

  3. Part of the reason I love Robert Downey Jr. is how he was so low and has
    since made such a great comeback. And the fact that he owned up to his
    mistakes and can now laugh about it shows a strong character.

    Don’t care about McConaughey smoking pot. Just like anyone getting
    masturbating in a porn theater that’s kind of to be expected.

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