Top 10 Movie Deaths that Pissed You Off

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Top 10 Movie Deaths that Pissed You Off
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Why’d these characters have to die? From Joe Brody, to General Zod, to Cyclops, these character deaths made fans red in the face. WatchMojo ranks the top movie deaths that pissed you off.

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List rank and entries:
#10. Joe Brody
#9. Johnny Cage
#8. Mako Mori
#7. Scott Summers / Cyclops
#6. Luke Skywalker
#5. All the Main Characters
#4. General Zod
#3, #2, #1???

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Deaths that Pissed You Off

    1. Hey watchmojo I was scrolling down my notifications and I saw the video and the thumbnail kind of spoiled me The Last Jedi so…

    2. I think General Zod is another category. Zod died before in Superman II. Still…you didn’t include Quicksilver’s death from Age of Ultron? I would have counted that as #1 or at least #2. Re-do this list because it’s not good.

  1. The only people pissed about Zod dying were fools stuck in the 1970s movie nostalgia, it’s not like Superman never killed before, hell he killed Zod in the comics a few times and “they put Superman in a position he should have never been in” so in other words you don’t want to challenge Superman into having to make hard decisions.

  2. Superman’s death pissed me off in bvs and Luke Skywalker was supposed to go out like G. Instead he just vanished for no damn reason. If anything, the stupid black guy should’ve died instead of Skywalker

  3. Leonardo DiCaprio in his role on The Departed…They just kill him off at the opening of elevator doors

  4. Bryan Cranston in Godzilla since he was the only good thing about the movie. As for Luke, its not like we won’t see him as a Force ghost in Episode 9.

  5. Steve Hiller in Independence Day: Resurgence. They had the balls to take arguably the best character from the first film and kill him off off screen in the dumbest way possible all because the studio and filmmakers couldn’t wait till Will Smith was finished filming Suicide Squad. It’s upsetting and it shows that the filmmaker and producers only cared about was making their deadline rather than what fans actually wanted.

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