Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

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There have been more than a few political interview disasters that ruined careers – and many of them are some of the craziest events caught on camera. Whether it’s Richard Nixon being interviewed by David Frost, Jeremy Paxman grilling Michael Howard, or rugby player Mal Meninga getting cold feet and walking out of the studio, these are all examples of bad media interviews. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most embarrassing political interviews ever.

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00:31 #10: Jaymes Diaz Forgets the 6 Point Plan (2013)
01:04 #9: Michael Grimm Threatens NY1 Reporter (2014)
02:23 #8: Michael Howard Grilled By Jeremy Paxman (1997)
03:31 #7: Adam Boulton vs Alastair Campbell (2010)
04:25 #6: David Frost Interviewing Richard Nixon (1977)
05:20 #5: Diane Abbott Walks Off for a Phone Call (2012)
06:16 #4: Mal Meninga’s 28 Second Career (2001)
07:12 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

  1. Did anyone notice when they show the #10, 9, 8 etc the right side of the bar moves up a bit and then back down? Is this just this episode, or all of them? Or am I imagining things?

  2. There was a big one that youtube tried to delete a few times of Obama when he was running. The Interviewer said, “Tell me about your faith.” He said, “My Muslim faith is… uhh….” and the interviewer cut him off and said, “You mean your ‘christian’ faith, right?'” Obama said, “Oh… umm yeah…” (lol not like there’s a difference? Right?) … oh boy.

  3. The problem with Sarah Palin, she never knew she was embarrassing herself or she would blame it on someone else.

  4. Watch Mojo is a bunch of left wing morons who are so biased it’s unreal. this lady narrator is the most annoying one of the bunch.

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