Top 10 Celebrity Apology Fails

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Top 10 Celebrity Apology Fails
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Wait, are you sorry or not, because that was confusing. From Paula Deen to Akon to Justin Timberlake, celebrity damage control doesn’t always go as planned. WatchMojo is counting down the worst celebrity apologies.

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#10: Paula Deen
#9: Mischa Barton
#8: Shia LaBeouf
#7: Mel Gibson
#6: Akon
#5: Justin Timberlake
#4: Michael Richards
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrity Apology Fails

  1. Anyone else get the feeling Spacey being no.1 was just to use that Kaiser Sozé quote at the end

  2. Y’all I’m so sick of the Paul brothers, they don’t need to be on this list. Like I’m sick of seeing their faces. They don’t need to be on every list from this point forward.

  3. H.W hasn’t been proven guilty people but people think he is because it’s a popular opinion to have. The court of public opinion is a biased one. If I was to say that D.J.T touched my friend and got it out in the news with some other people saying the same people would believe it, even tho it’s not true.

  4. Mel has donated to Holocaust survivors, helped strangers get cancer treatment (even inviting this man to his house to make sure he received proper care) and is part of Mending Kids, an organization which helps disabled and sick children receive surgical care that they probably could not afford in the first place. I can agree that what he said was honestly terrible and can’t be excused, but he has worked hard to right his wrongs and has stayed out of any controversy for the past few years now—plus he’s been sober for over a decade now. The man is a legend whether you like it or not.

  5. lol so you just gonna mention paula dean and not show the actual apology? not even gonna finish this video

  6. americans are so ultra sensitive, u say something then you have to apologize to the whole country, just fucking stand for your statement, don’t back up!

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