Supervillain Origins: Juggernaut (Redux)

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Supervillain Origins: Juggernaut (Redux)
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He’s the Juggernaut, but there’s more to this ultra-strong X-Men villain than a big build and a hard head. Juggernaut has been a major thorn in the X-Men’s side practically since their inception, so join us as we explore the comic book origins of Cain Marko AKA The Juggernaut.

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10 thoughts on “Supervillain Origins: Juggernaut (Redux)

  1. Have the other avatars of the 8 gods ever all battled or been shown in panel? Who was the most powerful?

  2. The character that’s usually only Ko’d or beaten by Bfr(Battle Field Removal) , telepaths (via helmet removed) , or when he’s depowered . For those who don’t know , Juggernaut has potential Unlimited strength like Hulk and Sentry. Also his helmet is only there for telepaths , it doesn’t make him vulnerable or weak. Just some info for some who don’t know.

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