Steven Spielberg Says NETFLIX Doesn’t Deserve Oscars – The CineFiles Ep. 65

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Steven Spielberg Says NETFLIX Doesn’t Deserve Oscars – The CineFiles Ep. 65
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Netflix, X-Men and Robert Downey Jr! These are the topics that find themselves on this week’s episode of The CineFiles! X-Men’s Dark Phoenix and New Mutants have both had their theatrical release dates pushed back, with the latter’s being moved almost a year later! Robert Downey Jr. released the star studded cast to his latest film, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, and Steven Spielberg, who has Ready Player One premiering this weekend, said that Netflix doesn’t deserve to be nominated for Academy Awards. So sit back, relax and enjoy this instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema!

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15 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg Says NETFLIX Doesn’t Deserve Oscars – The CineFiles Ep. 65

    1. Kev Walthall I would like to see them pull off the Top 10 Takashi Miike films if They can get past Ichi the killer. Or The first DOA movie.

    2. he is right. There is a difference from at home budgets covered by Netflix and presenting a case for a movie and getting a producer to put it all together.

    3. Plus stop it with that top 10 Trends on films that are overused or whatever bs from those subhumans that you listen to

  1. I’m pretty sure Gemini can’t be out LAST YEAR [2017] since I’ve never heard of it and I’m sure no one else has heard of it either. Mojo needs to get their years right [better editing].

  2. If a film qualifies under Academy rules, even if it’s “token,” or “technically,” then Spielberg is wrong, and just bitching about something he doesn’t like. If the film doesn’t qualify, then he’s right. It has nothing to do with his genius, reputation, or gravitas as a Hollywood heavyweight; it has to do with rules. If he doesn’t like the rules, then he should work to change them.

  3. Mr Spielberg. I love your movies and have great respect for you. The problem is only this; When was the last time I watched a movie because it had won lots of Oscars or any other movie awards??? The answer; None!!! I watch a movie, or a tv-series because I want to watch it. Not because someone have given it several rewards I don’t give a s**t about. The world is changing. As someone once said somewhere; Change with it, or be forgotten.

  4. Spielberg is right, Netflix just creates teen content, i am a teen, and hate Netflix content, and my teen friends just love it, in my opinion they need more script dedication

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