10 Greatest Space Conspiracies

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Was the moon landing faked? Is the earth flat? Someone out there certainly thinks so. True, false, or somewhere in betwee, here are the 10 Greatest Space Conspiracies.

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11 thoughts on “10 Greatest Space Conspiracies

  1. What if 10 was just a fake statement, although shooting down a satellite can send a message to China and other powers but what if it was a fake statement and the spy satellite was still in orbit today?

  2. Another conspiracy about the Moon landing was that Stanley Kubrick directed it.
    Turns out, that’s completely true! But, Kubrick was a notorious perfectionist, so he demanded that the Moon landing be filmed on location. 😉

  3. idiots destroying orbiting objects, the amount of debris that is gonna be up there soon is gonna stop any further future space exploration

  4. Flat earth we have evidence why do they believe and if every one is moving up how the fuck dose planes work it won’t fly since we are going up
    Also how did nasa land on the moon and get back?
    How was the able to get off from the surface of the moon I’d like to know

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